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iAdverts is a Radio Advertisement Management System.
Radio Stations have faced a peculiar problem in the area of one of their core areas of income generation; Advertisements of Corporations as well as Individuals want to find out if their adverts were aired before making payments, if their adverts were aired, how often? The Radio Station needs a way to find out if an advert has expired to stop airing it, to alert corporations and individuals about an advert which is about to expire and many more.

iAdverts is configured by a Radio Station to monitor the "Commercials" that are aired and to report on the various commercials, iAdverts does not interfere in any way with your way of work
It just reports back to you how often an advert has been aired, which adverts are expiring, it holds expired adverts so that it cannot be played, it gives the revenue generated by the adverts,
It can tell how many adverts a particular corporation is haveing with a Station for discounting purposes.

We recommend that you contact us about iAdverts if you are in the paper mess of Advert management for your Radio Station.

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